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Level Icon
Level icon is a symbol of hosts‘ level. It will appear on profile page and brief profile in live room.

Lv.01 ~ 04

Lv.05 ~ 10

Lv.11 ~ 15

Lv.16 ~ 20

Lv.21 ~ 25

Lv.26 ~ 30

Block List
Tap into personal page, block him, and get annoying people away from you.

Unlocking Level

Block List Quota







Special Mask
If you unlock this feature, you can get on special masks




Hit Icon
After unlocking this feature, you‘ll have a special icon on your live room thumbnail, which make it very distinguishing.

LV. 11~15

LV. 16~20

LV. 21~25

LV. 26~30

Auto-Reply to Gifts
Automatically reply an appreciation message to the users who send you gifts for the first time in the latest 30 days. He‘ll definitely love you more.

Message(Lv. 14)

Video(Lv. 26)

Live Room Admin
Admin can mute people or kick people out, and help hosts manage reactions.

Live Room Admin (Lv.16)

Senior Admin

When reaching Lv.16, you will unlock 3 Live Room Admin slot. Admins can mute other viewers. When reaching Lv.21, you will unlock another 2 Admin slot, and 1 Senior Admin slot. A Senior Admin can kick out another viewer as well as mute him.
Local Live Data
Daily, weekly and monthly data lists, see how many local hosts you surpass.
Global Live Data
Live data upgraded, see how many global hosts you surpass.
Exp. gained

Normal Gifts

1 Coin = 1 Exp.

No limit

Magic Gifts

1 Coin = 2 Exp.

No limit

Free Gifts

10 Free Gifts = 1 Exp.

Maximum 500/Day

* Only when you get 10 free gifts in one single live will add 1 Exp. The parts that less than 10 will be expired.

1 comment = 1 exp., Maximum 300/Day

Bullet comment:

1 Bullet comment = 5 exp., No limit

Live Room Missions
Opening Treasure Box

1 Treasure Box = 300 Exp.

Coins Check-in

Any income during live streaming will treated as successfully checking-in.

Days Checked-in

Exp. gained


50 Exp.


100 Exp.


200 Exp.


500 Exp.


1000 Exp.


2000 Exp.


3000 Exp.


Checking-in for more than 8 days in a streak, you‘ll get 3000 Exp. for each day.

60/90/120 Challenge

Win extra epx. after 60/90/120 minutes live streaming.

Days Checked-in

Exp. gained


100 Exp.


300 Exp.


500 Exp.


Only the most long-lasting live stream in a day will be calculated. e.g. Your first live stream lasts more than 60 minutes, and then you accomplished a 90-minutes‘ live. You’ll only get 300 exp. in total.

What is exp.? How to make use of it?
Host level will be upgraded only when you get enough exp. Hosts can get exp. by coin incomes, reaction, and opening treasure box.
How long does it take to calculate my exp. and upgrade my level?
Gifts, Bullet comment, opening Treasure Box will add up your exp. instantly. The exp. will be displayed in your live room. Exp. gained by comment viewers, checking-in, 30/60/120 challenge will be displayed when you finish your live.
How to use my privilege?
Switching to page, tapping Host Level, you can see and set-up all your privileges.
How to check my host level?
Clicking host level icon on profile page or clicking Host Level on Clicking host level icon on profile page or clicking Host Level on page. You can check your level, and the exp. you need to gain to level up.